Energy Audit Cost In Canada – The Program Is Ending You Need To Act Fast

Energy Audit Cost

The deadline for the energy audit program is fast approaching, and your thinking of getting one.  How much will an energy audit cost?

Firstly an energy audit can cost different amounts for different provinces.  In general thought, the first audit will cost between $325 and $375 depending on the service organization, so it pays to shop around (although we are very price competitive–see our cost). If your in Ontario and looking for an audit you can expect $150 of that initial price to be sent back to you in the form of a rebate from the Government.

If your looking to change out a furnace, a water heater, an air conditioner, or add insulation then you will get a rebate back.  If you are thinking of doing multiple upgrades then you will get an even bigger rebate cheque.  The more you upgrade on your home the larger the rebate will be.  In most cases the total energy audit cost will be more than offset by the rebated garnered from the upgrades.

I would think that this late into the program (not that its too late to start) most people will be looking for a final audit.  What will a final energy audit cost? This final audit is much faster than the first and it there to simply confirm that the changes you have made have produced the desired outcome.  You should expect to pay around $175 and $200 as the cost for this final audit.

Don’t Forget!

Your audit can be done by any service organization as they all have access to the files via the Government.  So don’t be afraid to shop around and see how cheap an energy audit can be.

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