Understanding the Energy Audit Program in Ontario

Lets be very clear here…..

There are no rebates currently available for upgrades on equipment in your home if you’re living in Ontario.

A few websites are being a little tricky and making it look as though you can still receive a cash rebate from the Government for performing an upgrade.  This is not accurate, and here is how they are tricking people.  The Ontario Government is still providing a rebate of $150 on the cost of an energy audit but (and this is a big but) there is no program that will reimburse for any home upgrades that you do.   A few sneaky websites out there are implying that you can get grants for a new furnace or air conditioner but this is NOT the case.

In Summary


Energy Audit – $150 rebate on initial audit cost (the audit simply will rate your home level of efficiency and suggest places you can make improvements).

Government Grants – Nothing available for subsidizing the cost of the upgrades. If the audit finds that you can save a lot of money and energy by upgrading your 40 year old furnace you are on the hook for the entire replacement cost.  The past EcoAction program sponsored by the Government would have provided a grant to help offset the new furnace cost and an incentive for the homeowner to upgrade.

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  1. mable says:

    Isn’t there a new program that was just passed and so there are now rebate available?

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