Suprise Energy Audit Program Closed – AGAIN

Surprise!! the Government closed the energy audit program early again.  We all owe a big thanks to Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver as the popular energy audit program closed due to him on Sunday January 29th 2012.

In total the Harper Government invested less than half of the 400 million they promised in the election and the recent budget.  I guess this should have been expected with the pro oil and gas leaders we currently have.  I mean, why would you invest in efficiency when you get paid way more for inefficiency?

The energy audit program was initially closed due to its popularity and the funding was running low.  The program was re-opened and was injected with 400 million in funding but again the Government cited that 250,000 home owners had signed up suggesting that this was enough to close the program early.

Details of the Energy Audit Program Closure

  • The program is completely closed to new entrants
  • If you have had your first audit then you are still able to complete your upgrades, have a final audit, and collect your grant money.
  •  Homeowners can receive post-retrofit evaluations and apply for grants until June 30, 2012; the retrofit renovations must be completed by March 31.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled, hopefully the energy audit program closed will again be funded and open up again.  If you’re upset you can visit this site and actually send a letter over to the Government to voice your opinion on the subject.

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