Sample Energy Audit Example

Once you have had an energy audit complete on your home you can expect to get a personalized report on your home.  This pre-retrofit assessment will provide you with a personalized action checklist of which will outline areas in your home that can be improved.  It will rate your home on a standardized scale on how efficient its current state is and show you how efficient it could be if you went through will all the recommendations.

Below is a sample.  Its the first page of an energy audit or the pre- retrofit assessment.  It breaks down energy consuming  systems and shows the government grants that you will receive if replaced with new more efficient models.  Also contained within the energy audit report is government grants available for water consumption reductions, home insulation grants, and carious other energy reduction methods.

You can download a sample of a full energy audit report by clicking this link …. Full PDF Report Dont have a PDF viewer get one HERE

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