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We Do Energy Audits In Towns and Municipalities Throughout Ontario

You can Qualify for up to 5000 dollars in rebates and government grants for upgrades to your home.  

  1. Tankless Water Heaters
  2. Furnaces
  3. Air Sealing
  4. Central Air Conditioners
  5. Boilers
  6. Solar
  7. Heat Pumps
  8. Geothermal
  9. Windows and Doors
  10. Toilets
  11. Basement
  12. Home Insulation

To qualify for these rebates that the Government of Canada is offering Ontario home owners need to schedule and have a energy audit preformed on their home. The key is that an audit needs to be completed before any renovations or upgrades and then another audit preformed after the work is finished.

The first audit is more intensive and takes about 2 hours whereas the second audit is about 30 minutes and confirms you made the changes your reporting.


Energy Audits In Ontario

Yep we are still doing audits throughout Ontario If you are looking to improve the efficiency of your home or maybe your furnace is on the fritz, an audit gets you access to Government Grants to replace your old equipment with new more efficient systems with a free discount!

Send us a message and we can answer any questions you have, and, as always, questions are free!

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Energy Audit Ontario Prices

Here in Ontario Auditors and the service organizations that they work for are free to set their own price for an energy audit.  For the most part everyone is pretty close in price, expect a fluctuation of about 25$ plus or minus. 

For the most part it is in your best interest to get the audit as cheaply as possible as this will ultimately turn out to be savings in your pocket. 

The first audit in Ontario will cost roughly 350 dollars and the Government will rebate 150$ back automatically.  Then you will complete all your upgrades and schedule the second audit.  This second audit is cheaper and much quicker as the representative is simply there to ensure changes have been made and to upgrade your homes efficiency rating. 

Then comes the waiting part, as we all know the Ontario (Provincial) Government is slow, as well as the Federal.  Eventually you will get the rebate cheques that the Government and Energy Audit program promised you, offsetting a portion of what you paid to upgrade your homes efficiency.

Find out what the cost of an audit for your home is.

Can An Energy Audit Be Useful?

Dawn Walton recently wrote and article for the Globe and Mail outlining her experience with the Ontario energy retrofit program.  Even though this site does promote and help homeowners get and locate Energy Auditors in their areas she does bring up some valid points. 

Here are a few things I take issue with:

  1.  The program has been cut in half, she states that it would cost her 15$ to have the energy audit completed on her home after all rebates had been accounted for.  Her math is correct, but recently the program was cut in half and this has moved the breakeven point down by 50 percent.
  2.  She doesn’t account for the information that she gains with an audit. Sure it works out to cost her 15$ but after that audit you have an intimate understanding of your home, where it lacks efficiency and where it’s a star.
  3. The audit really shows where the low hanging fruits are, find these and you can make the biggest gains at the lowest cost.
  4. She signed up for the audit and based her synopsis on the program by replacing windows; that is probably the worst rebate in the program.  Changing your water heater or furnace can net you well over a 1000$ in rebates, making this program well worth a few hundred dollars extra.

Read the full article here.

EcoEnergy Program Is Back

The ecoENERGY Retrofit Program is back with a Vengeance!

This program provides grants to home owners of up to $5,000 to help make their homes more energy-efficient and reduce the burden of high energy costs. The Government of Canada has renewed the program from June 6, 2011, until March 31, 2012.

It can be complicated with how the new and old program mesh and thus its best you contact a fully qualified ecoENERGY Retrofit service provider.

Enjoy the Savings!

Understanding the Energy Audit Program in Ontario

Lets be very clear here…..

There are no rebates currently available for upgrades on equipment in your home if you’re living in Ontario.

A few websites are being a little tricky and making it look as though you can still receive a cash rebate from the Government for performing an upgrade.  This is not accurate, and here is how they are tricking people.  The Ontario Government is still providing a rebate of $150 on the cost of an energy audit but (and this is a big but) there is no program that will reimburse for any home upgrades that you do.   A few sneaky websites out there are implying that you can get grants for a new furnace or air conditioner but this is NOT the case.

In Summary


Energy Audit – $150 rebate on initial audit cost (the audit simply will rate your home level of efficiency and suggest places you can make improvements).

Government Grants – Nothing available for subsidizing the cost of the upgrades. If the audit finds that you can save a lot of money and energy by upgrading your 40 year old furnace you are on the hook for the entire replacement cost.  The past EcoAction program sponsored by the Government would have provided a grant to help offset the new furnace cost and an incentive for the homeowner to upgrade.

EcoEnergy Audit Program Extended

The good news for home owners this morning is that the new budget has provided $400 million to revive the ecoEnergy audit program that has become extremely popular.

The program was initially started 3 years ago and funded with $745 million, but its popularity out striped that budget quite quickly and the Federal government pulled the plug.  Provincial Governments realizing its potential continued on with the Auditing program.  This new budget has seen the Conservatives add $400 million for one year, you should expect to see home audits and grants double.

This is a no brainer for the Conservatives as the ecoENERGY program is a no-risk investment for the federal government. It generates more tax revenue than it costs in incentives. It only pays those incentives to homeowners after jobs are created and retrofit work is completed.

Best of all, it creates thousands of jobs across the country.

Lets hope that this program becomes a permanent venture in the near future.

Looks like we need to upgrade our countdown timer now!


Well it looks like the program has ended due to a non confidence vote.  Effectively the program has finished and we now just need to wait and see if it is funded in the future.

Expect More Funding For The ecoEnergy Home Retrofit Program

There has been some interesting developments over the last little while with regards to the ecoEnergy Home Retrofit Program.  The Conservative Government is being put under some pressure with their new budget and it realistically is being left to NDP leader Jack Layton.  For the Conservatives to get his approval of the budget he wants a few concessions made….. and one is the reinstatement of the home audit program that was canceled by the federal Government a year ago.

This is great news to home owners as the program was an instant hit with hundreds of thousands of home participating in the energy savings audit throughout Canada.  It was looking as the program was going to be canceled outright as it is becoming increasing close to the deadline.  This would have resulted in the loss of thousands of jobs, from energy auditors to the support staff behinds them.

There should be some new developments in the coming days on whether the Provincial Government will extend their commitments (doubling the payback to home owners).

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