Ontario Grants and Rebates

There are many grants and rebates available to residents of Ontario.  Here is a quick review of what you can get if you get an Energy Audit on your home and follow through with any one of the available upgrades.

Home Furnnace

A few of the many Government Grants Available to Home Owners

Furnace Upgrade Grants – Install an Energy Star qualified gas or oil furnace with that has a 94.0 percent AFUE or higher and and brushless DC motor.  Grant is $650 from Federal and $650 from Provincial.

Total = $1300 rebate

Tankless Upgrade Grants – Replace your domestic hot water heater with an Energy Star qualified Tankless Hot Water Heaterinstantaneous, condensing gas-fired water heater that has an EF of 0.90 or higher and is on the related list of eligible domestic hot water equipment.  Eligible equipment – Rinnai condensing, Takagi Condensing, Noritz Condensing.

Total = $750 rebate

Home Insulation Upgrade Grants –  A minimum of 20 percent of the total ceiling area must be insulated to qualify; Examples of Home Insulationgrants stated are based on 100% of ceiling area being insulated.

Increase the insulation value of your attic from R-12 to a minimum value of R-50 (RSI 8.8) .

Total = $1500 rebate

Window, Door, and Skylight Grants – Replace your windows, skylight, Picture of a Windowor doors with models that are Energy Star qualified for your climate zone and save.

Total = $80 per unit replaced

Low Flush Toilet Grants – Replace your toilet with a low-flush or dual-flush toilet rated at 6 litres per flush or less (To a maximum of 4 units per home).

Total = $130 per unit replaced
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