Ontario Energy Audits

Home energy audits in Ontario give you access to government grants for anything from a Tankless Water heater to home insulation.  Below is a brief synopsis of the steps a homeowner should take to when getting an energy audit.

  • Find a government certified service organization that is licensed to provide an energy evaluation where you live.
  • Book your D-Audit. This is the first audit and it takes the longest (2-3 hrs)
  • Preform all renovations and upgrades you are planning on doing.
  • Finalize by getting the E-Audit completed. This proves to the government that the changes you claimed to have completed are actually done.
  • Receive your grant money for the upgrades done.
  • Thats about it, you get a more efficient home and the Federal and Provincial governments will help you pay for it, not a bad deal.

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