New Home Energy Audit

We have noticed a recent trend where a number of people have been inquiring about audits on new homes.  An eco energy audit provides a very detailed report of a home, showing insulation values, air tightness, energy usage, HVAC equipment efficiency and numerous other important factors.

For a while the Ontario Government was going to make an energy audit mandatory for home owners looking to sell their homes.  The document or Audit report would be available to any potential buyer so that they can make a more informed decision on what they’re investing all their money into and what will need to be upgraded soon.  The new home energy audit requirement has been sidelined temporarily but there is still a very good chance that the requirement will be put in place soon.

You can get ahead of the game and ask the home owner to provide an energy audit before putting an offer on any home you are looking to purchase.  Alternatively if you are looking for an advantage as a home owner trying to sell your home.  Provide an energy audit to all prospective buyers and suddenly your house has an edge over the competition.

An energy audit provides so much information regarding a home and its energy uses its really a wonder why its already not mandatory, see for yourself and check out this sample audit and the information it provides.

You can download a sample of a full energy audit report by clicking this link …. Full PDF Report Don’t have a PDF viewer get one HERE

Schedule or find out more about an Audit here
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