New Government Grants

Well it looks like its official.

Although the Federal Government is out, the Provincial Government seems to be sticking to the energy audit program and offering government grants to home owners.  So if you were a little stressed thinking that you had missed out on this amazing opportunity then today is your lucky day.  The government grants for energy and home upgrades seems to be back.

We have seen an official government press release and will be posting it soon. Check back soon to see the full details of what grants will be available and what the rebates will be for Ontario, Toronto, and the surrounding cities and municipalities.

We are building a list of people interested in the new grant rebate program and will be booking appointments on a first come first serve basis.  Go HERE if you want to sign up and get on the list.

Note: We are still doing E and F Audits from the old program at a cost of $175.  This stage of the energy audit program closes when the clock on the right hits zero (343 days from now).  If your waiting on your rebates you need to complete this last audit to get them. Call or E-mail us to find out more.

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