Ice Damming

Ice Damming up on you Roof?

If you get that overhanging ice and snow buildup on your roof that looks similar to this picture… Here is your problem and how to go about fixing it.

Ice damming is caused from a number of things:

– too much insulation

– not enough insulation

– improper or inadequate ventilation

Too much insulation can sometimes obstruct the flow or ventellation of the attic which will heat your roof and cause snow to melt. The water then begins to freeze as it nears the edge of the roof where there is no more heat, causing a ice buildup.

If there is not enough insulation than the roof will heat up easily cause the same principal as above to occur.  Not to mention you are wasting a lot of heat and energy that costs you money.

If attic ventilation is inadequate than heat builds up causing the roof to warm even further the snow again melts and freezes on the edge where no heat occurs.  This creates the huge icicles you see on some homes.

Getting a home energy audit will help you determine what the cause and possible solution is for your home.  An energy advisor will assess insulation depths as well as venting in your home (among the plethora of other things they will examine).  This audit will give you a great understanding of where your home ranks in terms of energy efficiency and general reliability.

The best part is that an audit will allow you to get access to Government grants and rebates to upgrade your homes insulation, and you only have to pay for a portion of it.

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