Home Energy Assistance Toronto

What is HEAT?

Home Energy Assistance Toronto (HEAT) is Toronto’s way of helping its residents save energy and money.

If you’re living in an older home, chances are your insulation is missing, poor or leaky. This all leads to massive amounts of energy loss, and lots of it!

if you upgrade your home insulation you can be eligible for up to $1,000 from HEAT.

Why Upgrade?

The benefits of upgrading your home insulation are very positive for any home owner.

  • Receive grants from the City and Province of Ontario – up to a combined $4,875!
  • Denser insulation reduces your home’s annual greenhouse gas emissions
    • an average of 1.2 tonnes for natural gas heated homes
    • approximately 0.5 tonnes for those using electricity
  • Save from $150 to $400 on your annual heating and cooling bill
  • Increase your home’s comfort and resale value

Who can Apply?

HEAT grants and incentives are available to Toronto homeowners of low-rise residential properties including single detached, semi-detached, attached (i.e. row houses) and small multi-unit buildings.

Grants are applicable on improvements made to insulation in your ceiling, walls and foundation.

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