Heat Is On In Toronto

Its another scorching week in Toronto and The Weather Network is only calling for increased heat and humidity.

If your home is a little shy of insulation or you notice your air conditioner is running constantly then it may be time for a energy audit.  An energy audit will help you determine which upgrades will save you the most money when paying for energy.

As many of you in the West end of Toronto now there was a major power failure leaving thousands of homes without any air conditioning.  As the power failure lasted a few hours it was a perfect opportunity for home owners to assess their home insulation levels.  If your home was noticeably hotter by the time the power came back on then you may have some air leakage issue.  The house I live in rose by 2 degrees Fahrenheit during that 2 hour stint without air conditioning.  If your home is any worse than that then you should send us a quick email and we can give you a detail explaination of what a home energy audit is and how it can get you Government Grants and rebates to retrofit you homes insulation.

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