Grants and Rebates for Energy Audit

Get up to $10,000 in grants and rebates!

To qualify for these government rebates you need to get a Home Energy Audit BEFORE you perform any home upgrades.

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Average Grant Money Received?

It varies drastically from home to home but its very simple to qualify for grants the government is giving away, you simply need to have two energy audits done on Home Energy Audit Costyour home.

– The first assessment has to occur before you do any renovations.

– The second energy audit must be completed after all upgrades have been made and within 18 months of your initial audit.

Having satisfied those two requirements you will be mailed cheques for the amount of rebate money owed to you.

How Much Does an Energy Audit Cost?

The initial or first energy audit is $325 and if you are living in Ontario than you will receive a $150 rebate from the provincial goverment. Thus the cost to you the home owner is only $175.

How Long Does an Energy Audit Take?

The Auditor will typically take between 2 and 3 hours to complete the full analysis of your home.  In which they will be happy to answer any questions regarding you heating and cooling systems, insulation levels, and pressure reading outcome.

Grant Report Information

After the completeion of the energy audit you will receive a grant report outlining the results of your assessment.  The report contains unique information about your home and how it can be improved and upgraded. The report outlines all available grants and how much you will receive should you choose to go forward with any upgrade.

eco energy logoProvincial Government

Occasionally living in Ontario has some benefits; the provincial government has matched all Federal rebate values. effectively this doubbles you rebate and grant values. So for a tankless water heater for example; Federal Rebate is $375, Province matches it. Thus you will receive $750 in rebate money.

Upgrading Your Home

Going through your personalize ecoEnergy report you can pick and choose which upgrades you want to.  Possibly choosing the ones that net you the greatest rebates or alternatively you don’t have to do any modifications if you so choose.  Please keep all information, receipts, and photos to document your improvements so you receive the full credit for all renovations.

The Second Energy Audit

This second audit documents and finalizes the changes that you have accomplished and verifys that waht you claimed to have upgraded actually has bee. This Energy audit is typically much faster and only cost $175.

Grant or Rebate Cheques

The rebate cheques should be mailed to you within 90 business days of completing the second audit.  You will likely receive half the amount first and the second half a few weeks later.  This is the Federal government sending their cheques out and then the Provincial government verifying amounts and sending the remaining portion.

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