Expect More Funding For The ecoEnergy Home Retrofit Program

There has been some interesting developments over the last little while with regards to the ecoEnergy Home Retrofit Program.  The Conservative Government is being put under some pressure with their new budget and it realistically is being left to NDP leader Jack Layton.  For the Conservatives to get his approval of the budget he wants a few concessions made….. and one is the reinstatement of the home audit program that was canceled by the federal Government a year ago.

This is great news to home owners as the program was an instant hit with hundreds of thousands of home participating in the energy savings audit throughout Canada.  It was looking as the program was going to be canceled outright as it is becoming increasing close to the deadline.  This would have resulted in the loss of thousands of jobs, from energy auditors to the support staff behinds them.

There should be some new developments in the coming days on whether the Provincial Government will extend their commitments (doubling the payback to home owners).

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