Energy Audit Ontario Prices

Here in Ontario Auditors and the service organizations that they work for are free to set their own price for an energy audit.  For the most part everyone is pretty close in price, expect a fluctuation of about 25$ plus or minus. 

For the most part it is in your best interest to get the audit as cheaply as possible as this will ultimately turn out to be savings in your pocket. 

The first audit in Ontario will cost roughly 350 dollars and the Government will rebate 150$ back automatically.  Then you will complete all your upgrades and schedule the second audit.  This second audit is cheaper and much quicker as the representative is simply there to ensure changes have been made and to upgrade your homes efficiency rating. 

Then comes the waiting part, as we all know the Ontario (Provincial) Government is slow, as well as the Federal.  Eventually you will get the rebate cheques that the Government and Energy Audit program promised you, offsetting a portion of what you paid to upgrade your homes efficiency.

Find out what the cost of an audit for your home is.

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