Energy Audit Checklist

Here is an energy audit checklist so once you have booked your audit you can review.

If this is your homes first ecoenergy evaluation you should follow this energy audit checklist, you should expect about 2-3 hours for the auditor to correctly go through and preform the audit.  There is a lot of measurements and information that needs to be recorded by the auditor and this takes time.

Energy Audit Checklist

  1. Assume about half a day for an energy audit
  2. If you have a fireplace, it needs to be clean (no ashes) vacuum it before the appointment
  3. Try to have pets out of the house
  4. Be inquisitive and ask the auditor questions
  5. Have your tax roll number available

Whats up with #3 on this check list?  Well the energy auditor will be reforming a blower door test on your house, this will raise the pressure in your home just slightly to test air leakage.  This doesn’t pose any problems or dangers to your pets but setting up  the blower door does offer a chance for a great escape.

If you have already had your first audit, you should know that there is a different, shorter, audit checklist for these appointments.

Second Audit Checklist

  1. Time preparation – I would leave room for about an hour and a half but it could be much shorter
  2. Payment method available
  3. Questions

There isn’t much to the second energy audit and the representative should be completed in as little as 30 minutes.  There will not be a blower door test so your pets wont have a chance to escape.  Once the information has been recorded the auditor will submit the final file to the Government and once they verify it your rebate cheque will be in the mail.

Haven’t booked an audit yet? Find out more here

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