End of Audit Program Leaves Ontario Feeling “Cold”

The end of the energy audit program  in Ontario feels a little like the Government is leaving us in the Cold.

The Energy Audit program has been running for nearly three years now and has cost 209 million dollars, but it has helped more than 158,000 homes reduce there energy demands.  With the Liberals new energy plan calling for a reduction of 7100 megawatts of electricity, is now the right time to be cutting this program?

Dont get me wrong electricity conservation is the way go, dollar for dollar its going to cost a heck of a lot less to promote reductions than it will to build a nuclear plant (they always come billions over budget).

The Energy Audit program helps home owners replace inefficient windows, furnaces, home insulation, and air conditioners to name a few things.  Many homes have systems that are 20 plus years old, at best they are maybe 35 to 50 percent efficient.  Today’s technologies have created systems that are 98 percent efficient, that is a significant jump and a huge energy saving for any home.

The Home Energy Savings Plan stops taking new applications at the end of March 2011.  It has helped to build “an ethic and culture of conservation,” Gord Miller (Environmental Comissioner) said in his annual progress report on conserving energy.  Lets not let all this progress we have accomplished slip away.

On that same not the program is still accepting applicant to the program, if you have an old furnace, save yourself some energy (and money) and let the Government help you pay for a high efficiency appliance for your home.

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