EcoEnergy Audit Program Extended

The good news for home owners this morning is that the new budget has provided $400 million to revive the ecoEnergy audit program that has become extremely popular.

The program was initially started 3 years ago and funded with $745 million, but its popularity out striped that budget quite quickly and the Federal government pulled the plug.  Provincial Governments realizing its potential continued on with the Auditing program.  This new budget has seen the Conservatives add $400 million for one year, you should expect to see home audits and grants double.

This is a no brainer for the Conservatives as the ecoENERGY program is a no-risk investment for the federal government. It generates more tax revenue than it costs in incentives. It only pays those incentives to homeowners after jobs are created and retrofit work is completed.

Best of all, it creates thousands of jobs across the country.

Lets hope that this program becomes a permanent venture in the near future.

Looks like we need to upgrade our countdown timer now!


Well it looks like the program has ended due to a non confidence vote.  Effectively the program has finished and we now just need to wait and see if it is funded in the future.

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