Eco Energy Audit Coming to an End

The Natural Resources Canada Eco Energy Audit Program is coming to an end (as you can see in the counter to the Ontario Homer Energy Savings Programright). Does this mean your too late to participate? That grants and rebates are not available to you.  Nope in fact some people start and finish the program with in a week.  There is plenty of time left to get your share of the rebates available.


A recent client went through us to get a quick audit as their furnace had a cracked heat exchanger.  They had purchased a new furnace and the company was coming to install it later that week.  We were able to send an auditor out and have the initial assessment done before the new system was installed.  Two days later once the new system was fully operational we sent an auditor out for the final audit and the home owner received nearly $1000 in Government rebates.

This system is great, it works.  Before you replace any of your home HVAC systems be sure to get an audit and get yourself access to free Government money.

Audit 1 (D-Audit) – Has to be done before old equipment or any upgrades have been completed.

Audit 2 (E-Audit) – Done anytime after the first audit but once all upgrades have been accomplished done to verify changes have actually been accomplished.  Has to be filed within a year of initial audit.

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