Cost of an Energy Audit

Audit PriceTypical Toronto Home

The Government leaves it up to the service organization to set the price on an energy audit.  Here in Ontario prices can, and do range but the most common cost is $325 for the initial D-Audit as its called.  The second energy audit which verifies that the upgrades have been completed is called the E-Audit; the most common price is $175 for this one.   Service organizations are licensed to work in certain areas and can only provide audits in those locations.

How much can I save by having an Energy Audit?

cost to run your homeNRCan (Natural Resources Canada) suggests that the average audit results should reduce energy use by approximately 30 percent working out to about 4 tonnes of green house gases per house. By following the recommendations on the report, a typical homeowner could save $700 a year on a $2,000 annual heating bill.  This are significant savings when you think of what the home energy audit costs you .

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