Can I Preform My Own Upgrades And Still Receive Government Rebates?

Some retrofits that qualify for ecoEnergy rebates are easy, if I preform these upgrades can I still apply for the grants?

You sure can! If you’re handy and feel you can preform the upgrades, then by all means.  When the energy advisor returns he needs to ensure that any upgrades were installed properly and that you upgraded what you have claimed.

The benefit of the ecoENERGY qualified retrofits is that you the home owner will benefit not only from the initial grants, but also from lower energy bills, which can be substantially reduced up to 40%, according to NRCan.  These green renovations can also create a healthier home environment for you and your family. The best part, greener homes are looked more favorably in the real estate market, which, can fetch you a selling premium.

If you have the ability here is a short and Rebate Value of household items that bring in Government Rebates.

 Don’t forget to get ANY Government Rebates you need to get an Energy Audit FIRST!!

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