Can An Energy Audit Be Useful?

Dawn Walton recently wrote and article for the Globe and Mail outlining her experience with the Ontario energy retrofit program.  Even though this site does promote and help homeowners get and locate Energy Auditors in their areas she does bring up some valid points. 

Here are a few things I take issue with:

  1.  The program has been cut in half, she states that it would cost her 15$ to have the energy audit completed on her home after all rebates had been accounted for.  Her math is correct, but recently the program was cut in half and this has moved the breakeven point down by 50 percent.
  2.  She doesn’t account for the information that she gains with an audit. Sure it works out to cost her 15$ but after that audit you have an intimate understanding of your home, where it lacks efficiency and where it’s a star.
  3. The audit really shows where the low hanging fruits are, find these and you can make the biggest gains at the lowest cost.
  4. She signed up for the audit and based her synopsis on the program by replacing windows; that is probably the worst rebate in the program.  Changing your water heater or furnace can net you well over a 1000$ in rebates, making this program well worth a few hundred dollars extra.

Read the full article here.

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