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Cheapest Home Energy Audit Price

There are a number of service providers in Ontario but the Government leaves it up to the organization to set their energy audit price.

Consistently we have been able to provide home owners with the most cost effective Eco audit price.

D – Audit$350 (less $150 Ontario rebate) $200


F-Audit$175 (only needed if you have been through the program completely but want to make additional home improvement )

Examples of Companies Charging More

More examples to come, but we do offer cheap Energy Audits.  The audits are governed by the Ontario Government  so they’re all to the same standard just some organizations feel they can charge more.  Why pay more for an standardized energy audit?

Note: if you have already completed your D-audit you are not required to get the E-Audit with the same company.  All service organizations have access to files and thus you can switch companies at any time. This is a Government run program they try to make it as fair as possible. Read here for more info

Find out more about an energy audit from us here

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  1. Lesley Monette says:

    I am interested in a home audit in Orillia Ontario. Do you do this area? I know the new budget has not been passed yet, but anticipate it will be shortly, but we are beginning our building in the next 2-3 weeks, and would like an audit anyway. thanks.

  2. N says:

    Are there any home energy audit companies in Toronto, Ontario you can include in your website?

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