A New Furnace Can Save You Money This Winter

Some of the remnants of the ecoEnergy program are the efficiency increases companies focused on to access grants and rebates for their customers.

How can this help?furnce rebates

Well furnace and heating companies had to move their focus into high efficiency systems which enabled access to grants and rebates of up to $790.   This sparked a bit of a revolution as many homeowners noticed the significant savings a 97% efficient furnace had on heating bills during the winter.  More and more people transitioned away from the mid-efficient systems and over to the high efficiency furnaces.

When we talked to GTAFurnace.ca and asked them about the past few years compared to the year when the the ecoEnergy program was running they said there was a big difference.  They noted a few differences in the market today.  Homeowners have benefited from the from the increased competition in the furnace heating market as companies drop their prices attempting to stay competitive.  In fact they said that due to the highly competitive market now is a great time to upgrade your furnace if you have any inclination.  Also the program incentives really pushed for efficiency and thus most of what is installed even to this day are really high efficiency furnaces, the rebates helped to push costs down as the new technologies emerged.  Homeowners today have the ecoEnergy program to thank for reduced costs.

High Efficiency Furnace Prices

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